your angry chef website
Let's make some things clear. I am not a celebrity. I don't have a TV show or a
chain of restaurants. I haven't written any cookbooks. Appliance manufacturers
don't ply me with goods to hype their lines. All I am is an angry guy who likes to
cook, and I do it pretty well.

Hi there. I'm the Kitchen Curmudgeon.
here are the high points of this site's current iteration:
so what?
Here's the site.
Not many recipes.
More recipes when I'm
good and ready.
Chicken-butt. Seriously, calm down. There'll be a few recipes going up from time
to time, until I can create something a little nicer looking and pull it all together
here online.

And you'll thank me, you know you will.
Kitchen Curmudgeon
more stuff soon-ish